MacDonald and Phillips Ebooks

A big thanks to those of you who responded to our previous post asking for feedback about the new world of electronic books. Coincidently, a front page story in USA TODAY just a few days ago discussed the disappearance of traditional books and home libraries as we have known them. Hopefully there will always remain book lovers in the world for whom the feel and smell and sensual pleasure of reading a book will never be replaced by a little screen.

Since our previous post, we have ventured a little further into the world of ebooks. We have reached an agreement with Bondfire Books, a new company partnering with Amazon that will be exclusively publishing ebooks. The first two series that will be available in this new line will be The Secret of the Rose books and the American Dreams trilogy. They will be followed by two edited George MacDonald titles, The Highlander’s Last Song and The Laird’s Inheritance. These books will be available, we believe, sometime later this year.

In the meantime, most of our recent Phillips titles (Angel Harp, Heather Song, From Across the Ancient Waters, and to come later this year Treasure of the Celtic Triangle) are now available as ebooks, as well as are the Shenandoah Sisters and Carolina Cousins series.

We continue to appreciate your input about these subjects, and anything else connected with this website and our books. Blessings to you all.

Michael Phillips