Bibliography of the Writings of George MacDonald

A complete listing and categorization of the original published works of George MacDonald, including significant 19th century reprints–from Appendix 1 of George MacDonald, Scotland’s Beloved Storyteller by Michael Phillips


Categorizing and chronologizing George MacDonald’s writings is extremely difficult for several reasons. Nearly all his books were released in many editions by a variety of publishers. David Elginbrod, Alec Forbes of Howglen, and Robert Falconer, for instance, were issued in at least twelve editions between 1865 and 1900, Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood in fifteen. Even his more obscure novels were released in four or five varieties. In America, where he was very popular and widely pirated, texts and titles were sometimes altered and the lack of copyrights and scanty records on the part of the publishers make tracing the books virtually impossible.

Additionally, MacDonald had a passion for polishing and reediting. He constantly was reworking his poems, with the result that every new edition of poetry contained newly worded poems by the same title, but with slight variations from ones that had been released earlier. An example is the book Adela Cathcart, which contained whole different collections of stories from one edition to another.

He not only reworked his material, title changes were frequent. Thus Orts became A Dish of Orts and was released in the U.S. as The Imagination and Other Essays. The Gifts of the Child Christ became Stephen Archer and Other Tales. And the magazine parable released as A Double Story became The Wise Woman when first published in book form, only to later be released by two other publishers as Princess Rosamond and The Lost Princess–four titles in all for the same book.

All the short stories and poems were released in many distinctive formats with different contents. The Twelve Spiritual Songs of Novalis were expanded to fifteen (nine new and six from the 1851 edition) and added to other German and Italian translations to make up Exotics. Later Rampolli was released, which combined Exotics and Diary of an Old Soul. With every successive publication of poetry, changes were made until the 1893 release of The Poetical Works of George MacDonald (2 Vol.), which contained his longer poems Within and Without, The Disciple, and A Hidden Life, with a complete collection of 435 remaining poems of varying length.

When all is listed and analyzed, George MacDonald produced 53 books (37 fiction and fantasy, 2 distinctive collections of short stories, 3 literary books, 5 volumes of sermons, and 6 distinctive volumes of poetry), though in his lifetime the number of separate editions of this material no doubt exceeded four hundred.


A Chronological Listing of George MacDonald’s Original Publications

1851–Twelve of the Spiritual Songs of Novalis–Privately Printed
1855–Within and Without: A Dramatic Poem–Longman, Brown, Green
1857–Poems–Longman, Brown, Green
1858–Phantastes: a Faerie Romance for Men & Women–Smith, Elder
1863–David Elginbrod–Hurst & Blackett
1864–The Portent: A Story of the Inner Vision of the Highlanders Commonly Called the Second Sight–Smith, Elder
Adela Cathcart–Hurst & Blackett
1865–Alec Forbes of Howglen–Hurst & Blackett
1867–Dealing With the Fairies–Alexander Strahan
The Disciple and Other Poems–Alexander Strahan
Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood–Hurst & Blackett
Unspoken Sermons, 1st Series–Alexander Strahan
1868–Robert Falconer–Hurst & Blackett
 Guild Court: a London Story–Hurst & Blackett
 The Seaboard Parish–Tinsley Brothers
1870–The Miracles of Our Lord–Strahan & Co.
1871–At the Back of the North Wind–Strahan & Co.
 Ranald Bannerman’s Boyhood–Strahan & Co.
1872–The Princess and the Goblin–Strahan & Co.
Wilfrid Cumbermede, an Autobiographical Story–Hurst & Blackett/Scribner
The Vicar’s Daughter–Tinsley Brothers
1873–Gutta Percha Willie: the Working Genius–Henry S. King
1874–England’s Antiphon–Macmillan
1875–Malcolm–Henry S. King/Lippincott
The Wise Woman: A Parable–Strahan & Co.
1876–Exotics: A Translation of the Spiritual Songs of Novalis, the Hymn Book of Luther and Other Poems from the German and Italian–Strahan & Co.
St. George and St. Michael–Henry S. King
Thomas Wingfold, Curate–Hurst & Blackett
1877–The Marquis of Lossie–Hurst & Blackett/Lippincott
1879–Sir Gibbie–Hurst & Blackett/Lippincott
Paul Faber, Surgeon–Hurst & Blackett/Lippincott
1880–A Book of Strife, in the Form of the Diary of an Old Soul–Privately Printed
1881–Mary Marston–Sampson Low/Lippincott
1882–Warlock O’ Glenwarlock–Sampson Low/Harper
Weighed and Wanting–Sampson Low/Harper
The Gifts of the Child Christ, and Other Tales–Sampson Low
Orts–Sampson Low
The Princess & Curdie–Lippincott/Chatto & Windus
 1883-Donal Grant–Kegan Paul/Harper
A Threefold Cord: Poems by Three Friends–Privately Printed
1885–The Tragedie of Hamlet–Longmans, Green
Unspoken Sermons, 2nd Series–Longmans, Green
1886–What’s Mine’s Mine–Kegan Paul/Harper
1887–Home Again, a Tale–Kegan Paul/Appleton
1888–The Elect Lady–Kegan Paul/Munro
1889–Unspoken Sermons, 3rd Series–Longmans, Green
1890–A Rough Shaking–Blackie & Sons/Routledge
1891–There and Back–Kegan Paul
The Flight of the Shadow–Kegan Paul, Appleton
A Cabinet of Gems, cut and polished by Sir Philip Sidney, now for their more radiance presented without their setting by George MacDonald–Elliot Stock
1892–The Hope of the Gospel–Ward, Lock, Bowden
1893–Heather and Snow–Chatto & Windus/Harper
1895–Lilith–Chatto & Windus/Dodd, Mead
1897–Salted With Fire–Hurst & Blackett/Dodd Mead
1898–Far Above Rubies–Dodd, Mead


Some prominent 19th-century reprints and collections

1864–A Hidden Life and Other Poems (formerly Poems)–Longman, Green
1871–Works of Fancy and Imagination (10 Volumes)–Chatto & Windus
1883–Stephen Archer and Other Tales (formerly The Gifts of the Child Christ, and Other Tales)–Sampson Low
1876–Dramatic and Miscellaneous Poems–Scribner
1893–A Dish of Orts (formerly Orts)–Sampson Low
1883–Imagination & Other Essays (American edition of Orts)–Lothrop
1886–Cross Purposes & The Shadows (reprinted from Dealings with the Fairies)–Blackie & Sons
1890–The Light Princess and Other Fairy Stories (reprinted from Dealings with the Fairies)–Blackie & Sons
1893–Poetical Works of George MacDonald, 2 Volumes (some new, mostly reprints)–Chatto & Windus
1893–Scotch Songs and Ballads (reprinted from The Disciple and Other Poems)–John Rae Smith
1894–Beautiful Thoughts from George MacDonald (Selected daily readings)–James Pott & Co.
1897–Rampolli: Growths from a Long-planted Root, being translations chiefly from the German, along with A Year’s Diary of an Old Soul (Exotics with a few additions plus the Diary of an Old Soul)–Longmans, Green


A categorization of George MacDonald’s works

 Scottish Novels

David Elginbrod (1863)
Alec Forbes of Howglen (1865)
Robert Falconer (1868)
Malcolm (1875)
The Marquis of Lossie (1877)
Sir Gibbie (1879)
Warlock O’ Glenwarlock (1882)
Donal Grant (1883)
What’s Mine’s Mine (1886)–no dialect
The Elect Lady (1888)
Flight of the Shadow (1891)–no dialect
Heather & Snow (1893)
Salted With Fire (1897)


Realistic English Novels

Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood (1867)
Guild Court (1868)
The Seaboard Parish (1868)
The Vicar’s Daughter (1872)
Wilfrid Cumbermede (1872)
St. George & St. Michael (1876)
Thomas Wingfold, Curate (1876)
Paul Faber, Surgeon (1879)
Mary Marston (1881)
Weighed and Wanting (1882)
Home Again (1887)
A Rough Shaking (1890)
There and Back (1891)
Far Above Rubies (1898)


Realistic Junior Fiction

Ranald Bannerman’s Boyhood (1871)
Gutta Percha Willie (1873)


Imaginative & Symbolic Adult Fiction

Phantastes (1858)
Adela Cathcart (1864)
The Portent (1864)
Lilith (1895)


Imaginative Junior Fiction

At the Back of the North Wind (1871)
The Princess and the Goblin (1872)
The Wise Woman/The Lost Princess/A Double Story (1875)
The Princess and Curdie (1883)


Short Stories (Published in many different editions & groupings)

A Journey Rejourneyed
Angels Song
Birth, Dreaming, Death
Broken Swords
Butcher’s Bills
The Castle
Cross Purposes
The Cruel Painter
Giant’s Heart
Gifts of the Child Christ
Golden Key
Gray Wolf
If I Had a Father
The Light Princess
Little Daylight
My Uncle Peter
Papa’s Story
Photogen & Nycteris/Day Boy and Night Girl
Port in a Storm
The Shadows
 Snow Fight
Stephen Archer
Uncle Cornelius, His Story
Wow o’ Rivven
A Child’s Holiday
Adela Cathcart (1864)–different editions of this book contain different collections: The Light Princess/ The Shadows/ The Giant’s Heart/ Wow o’ Rivven/ Broken Swords/The Cruel Painter/ The Castle/ Snow Fight/ My Uncle Peter/ A Child’s Holiday/ Birth, Dreaming, Death
Dealings With the Fairies (1867): The Light Princess/ The Giant’s Heart/ The Shadows/ Cross Purposes/ The Golden Key
Works of Fancy & Imagination Vols. 4-10 (1872): Phantastes/ The Portent/ The Light Princess/ The Giant’s Heart/ The Shadows/ Cross Purposes/ The Golden Key/ Carasoyn/ Little Daylight/ The Cruel Painter/ The Castle/ Wow o’ Rivven/ Broken Swords/ The Gray Wolf/ Uncle Cornelius
The Gifts of Child Christ, and Other Tales (1882): Gifts of the Child Christ/ History of Photogen and Nycteris/ Butcher’s Bills/ Stephen Archer/ Port in a Storm/ If I Had a Father



Within and Without (1855)
Poems (1857)–72 in all: A Hidden Life/ Gospel Women (16 poems)/ Misc. Poems (55 poems)
The Disciple & Other Poems (1867)–73 in all: The Disciple/ Scotch Songs & Ballads (10 poems)/ Misc. Poems (62 poems)
Works of Fancy & Imagination Vols. 1-4 (1872): Within and Without/ A Hidden Life/ Poems (4 poems)/ The Disciple/ Gospel Women (16 poems)/ A Book of Sonnets (7 poems)/ Organ Songs (29 poems)/ Violin Songs (15 poems)/ Songs of the Days & Nights (8 poems)/ A Book of Dreams/ Roadside Poems (10 poems)/ Poems for Children (13 poems)/ Parables (22 poems)/ Ballads (6 poems)/ Scotch Songs & Ballads (14 poems)
Exotics (1876): German Translations (From Novalis, Schiller, Goethe, Uhland, Heine, Von Salis-seewis, Claudius)/ From the Dutch of Genestet/ From Unknown German Author/ From Petrarch/ Milton’s Italian Poems/ Luther’s Song Book
Diary of an Old Soul (1880)
A Threefold Cord (1883)
A Cabinet of Gems (1891)
Rampolli (1897): Exotics/ Diary of an Old Soul
Poetical Works of George MacDonald Vol. 1 (1893): Within and Without/ A Hidden Life/ A Story of the Seashore/ The Disciple/ Gospel Women (16 poems)/ A Book of Sonnets (14 poems)/ Organ Songs (46 poems)/ Violin Songs (30 poems)/ Songs of the Days & Nights (8 poems)/ A Book of Dreams/Roadside Poems (17 poems)/ To and of Friends (11 poems)
Poetical Works of George MacDonald Vol. 2 (1893): Parables (32 poems)/ Ballads (6 poems)/ Minor Ditties (13 poems)/ Motes in the Sun (21 poems)/ Poems for Children (22 poems)/ A Threefold Cord (159 poems)/ Scotch Songs & Ballads (38 poems)



Unspoken Sermons,  1st Series (1867): The Child in the Midst/ The Consuming Fire/ The Higher Faith/ It Shall Not Be Forgiven/ The New Name/ The Heart with the Treasure/ The Temptation in the Wilderness/ The Eloi/ The Hands of the Father/ Love Thy Neighbor/ Love Thine Enemy/ The God of the Living
Unspoken Sermons, 2nd Series (1885): The Way/ The Hardness of the Way/ The Cause of Spiritual Stupidity/ The Word of Jesus on Prayer/ Man’s Difficulty Concerning Prayer/ The Last Farthing/ Abba, Father!/ Life/ The Fear of God/ The Voice of Job/ Self-Denial/ The Truth in Jesus
Unspoken Sermons, 3rd Series (1889): The Creation in Christ/ The Knowing of the Son/ The Mirrors of the Lord/ The Truth/ Freedom/ Kingship/ Justice/ Light/ The Discipleship of Jesus/ Righteousness/ The Final Unmasking/ The Inheritance
The Miracles of Our Lord (1870): The Beginning of Miracles/ The Cure of Simon’s Wife’s Mother/ Miracles of Healing Unsolicited/ Miracles of Healing Solicited by the Sufferers/ Miracles Granted to the Prayer of Friends/ The Casting Out of Devils/ The Raising of the Dead/ The Government of Nature/ Miracles of Destruction/ The Resurrection/The Transfiguration
The Hope of the Gospel (1892): Salvation from Sin/ The Remission of Sins/ Jesus in the World/ Jesus and His Fellow Townsmen/ The Heirs of Heaven and Earth/ Sorrow the Pledge of Joy/ God’s Family/ The Reward of Obedience/ The Yoke of Jesus/ The Salt and the Light of the World/ The Right Hand and the Left/ The Hope of the Universe

Literary Books and Essays

England’s Antiphon (1874)–a history  of the religious poetry of England
Orts (1882): The Imagination: Its Functions & Its Culture/ A Sketch of Individual Development/ St. George’s Day, 1564/ The Art of Shakespeare, As Revealed by Himself/ The Elder Hamlet/ On Polish/Browning’s “Christmas Eve”/ “Essays on Some of the Forms of Literature”/ “The History and Heroes of Medicine”/ Wordsworth’s Poetry/ Shelley/ A Sermon/ True Christian Ministering/ The Fantastic Imagination
The Tragedie of Hamlet (1885)