Bibliography of the Writings of Michael Phillips

 A chronological listing of the books, writings, and redactions of Michael Phillips

Authored by Michael Phillips

[Unpublished–A New Freedom to Love, 1969]
[Unpublished–The Cave, 1973 (see 1992)]
[Unpublished–λογος Χριστος, The Words of Christ, a translation of the words of Jesus, 1973]
1977–A Christian Family in Action, Bethany Fellowship
Growth of a Vision, Sunrise Books, 1977
1978–Does Christianity Make Sense, Victor Books
Blueprint For Raising A Child, Logos, 1978
[Bookstore employees only–One Way Book Shop Training Manual, 1978]
[Bookstore employees only–One Way Book Shop Manager’s Manual, 1978]
1979–A Survival Guide For Tough Times, Bethany Fellowship
Control Through Planned Budgeting, Sunrise Books, 1979
1981–Building Respect, Responsibility, & Spiritual Values In Your Child, Bethany Fellowship
A Vision For the Church, Sunrise Books, 1981
1982–Getting More Done In Less Time, Bethany Fellowship

Edited/Redacted by Michael Phillips

MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 1: The Fisherman’s Lady, Bethany House, 1982
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 2: The Marquis’ Secret, Bethany House, 1982
1983–MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 3: The Baronet’s Song, Bethany House
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 4: The Shepherd’s Castle, Bethany House, 1983
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 5: The Musician’s Quest, Bethany House, 1984
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 6: The Tutor’s First Love, Bethany House, 1984


1984–In Quest of Gold (with Jim Ryun), Harper & Row
1985–The Heather Hills of Stonewycke (with Judith Pella), Stonewycke 1, Bethany House
Flight From Stonewycke (with Judith Pella), Bethany House, Stonewycke 2, 1985
The Peacemaker (with Judith Pella), Bethany House, 1985
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 7: The Maiden’s Bequest, Bethany House, 1985
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 8: The Curate’s Awakening, Bethany House, 1985
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 9: The Lady’s Confession, Bethany House, 1986
1986–The Lady of Stonewycke  (with Judith Pella), Stonewycke 3, Bethany House
MacDonald Reprint Classics 10: The Baron’s Apprenticeship, Bethany House, 1986
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 11: Highlander’s Last Song, Bethany House, 1986
1987–George MacDonald, Scotland’s Beloved Storyteller, Bethany House
Stranger at Stonewycke (with Judith Pella), Stonewycke 4,  Bethany House, 1987
Jamie MacLeod, Highland Lass (with Judith Pella), Bethany House, 1987
Robbie Taggart, Highland Sailor (with Judith Pella), Bethany House, 1987
MacDonald Reprint Classics 12: The Gentlewoman’s Choice, Bethany House, 1987
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 13: The Laird’s Inheritance, Bethany House, 1987
1988–Shadows Over Stonewycke (with Judith Pella), Stonewycke 5,  Bethany House
Treasure of Stonewycke (with Judith Pella), Stonewycke 6, Bethany House, 1988
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 14: A Daughter’s Devotion, Bethany House, 1988
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 15: The Minister’s Restoration, Bethany House, 1988
Ralph Connor Edit 1: Jim Craig’s Battle For Black Rock, Sunrise Books, 1988
Ralph Connor Edit 2: Thomas Skyler, Foothills Preacher, Sunrise Books, 1988
Harold Bell Wright Edit 1: The Shepherd of the Hills, Bethany House, 1988

The Sunrise Centenary Editions of the Works of George MacDonald and The Masterline Series, Michael Phillips General Editor, Sunrise Books

MacDonald Centenary–Alec Forbes of Howglen, 1988
MacDonald Centenary–Malcolm, 1988
MacDonald Centenary–Sir Gibbie, 1988
MacDonald Centenary–Thomas Wingfold, Curate, 1988
MacD Centenary–Unspoken Sermons, 1st Series,1988
MacD Centenary–A Hidden Life & Other Poems, 1988
1989, MacDonald Centenary–The Elect Lady
MacDonald Centenary–Salted With Fire, 1989
MacDonald Centenary–The Hope of the Gospel, 1989
MacD Centenary–The Disciple & Other Poems, 1989
Masterline 1–From A Northern Window, by Ronald MacDonald, 1989
Masterline 2–The Harmony Within by Rolland Hein, 1989
Masterline 3–George MacDonald’s Fiction by Richard Reis, 1989
Masterline 4–God’s Fiction by David Robb, 1989
Harold Bell Wright Edit 2: The Least of These My Brothers, Bethany House, 1989
MacDonald Reprint Classics 16: The Peasant Girl’s Dream, Bethany House, 1989
MacDonald Compilation 1: Discovering the Character of God, Bethany House, 1989
MacDonald Edited Reprint Classics 17: The Landlady’s Master, Bethany House 1989
1990–My Father’s World  (with Judith Pella), The Journals CB Hollister 1, Bethany House
Daughter of Grace (with Judith Pella), The Journals CB Hollister 2, Bethany House, 1990
MacDonald Reprint Classics 18: The Poet’s Homecoming, Bethany House, 1990
[Unpublished–MacDonald Reprint 19: Wilfrid Cumbermede, 1990]
MacDonald Compilation 2: Knowing the Heart of God, Bethany House, 1990
MacDonald Youth Edition 1: Wee Sir Gibbie of the Highlands, Bethany House, 1990
MacDonald Youth Edition 2: Alec Forbes and His Friend Annie, Bethany House, 1990
Harold Bell Wright Edit 3: A Higher Call, Bethany House, 1990
MacDonald Centenary–Robert Falconer, 1990
MacDonald Centenary–Donal Grant, 1990
MacDonald Centenary–Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, 1990
1991–On the Trail of the Truth, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 3, Bethany House
A Place In the Sun, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 4, Bethany House, 1991
Pinnacles of Power, Jackson Maxwell Chronicles 1, Moody Press, 1991
MacDonald Youth Edition 3: At the Back of the North Wind, Bethany, 1991
MacDonald Youth Edition 4: The Adventures of Ranald Bannerman, Bethany, 1991
MacDonald Devotional 1: A Time To Grow, Bethany House, 1991
MacDonald Devotional 2: A Time To Harvest, Bethany House, 1991
The Crown and the Crucible  (with Judith Pella), Russians 1, Bethany House, 1991
1992–Depths of Destiny, Jackson Maxwell Chronicles 2, Moody Press
A House Divided (with Judith Pella), Russians 2, Bethany House, 1992
Travail and Triumph (with Judith Pella), Russians 3, Bethany House, 1992
Sea To Shining Sea, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 5, Bethany House, 1992
Into the Long Dark Night, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 6,  Bethany House, 1992
Good Things To Know, Quotes Collection 1, Bethany House, 1992
The Cave [Privately distributed as gift from Judy to Mike], 1992
1993–Good Things To Remember, Quotes Collection 2, Bethany House
Land of the Brave and the Free, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 7, Bethany House, 1993
Grayfox, Bethany House, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 8, 1993
The Eleventh Hour, Secret of the Rose 1, Tyndale House, 1993
MacDonald Centenary–The Marquis of Lossie, 1993
MacDonald Centenary–What’s Mine’s Mine, 1993
1994–A Home For the Heart, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 9, Bethany House
A Rose Remembered, Secret of the Rose 2, Tyndale House, 1994
Escape To Freedom, Secret of the Rose 3, Tyndale House, 1994
A God To Call Father, Tyndale House, 1994
1995–The Eleventh Hour Study Guide, Tyndale House
Dawn of Liberty, Secret of the Rose 4, Tyndale House, 1995
MacD Centenary–Unspoken Sermons, 2nd Series, 1995
1996–The Braxtons of Miracle Springs, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 10, Bethany House
Mercy and Eagleflight, Mercy and Eagleflight 1, Tyndale House, 1996
MacD Centenary–Unspoken Sermons, 3rd Series, 1996
Wisdom To Live By, A Collection of Quotes, 1996
1997–A New Beginning, The Journals Corrie Belle Hollister 11, Bethany House
A Dangerous Love, Mercy and Eagleflight 2, Tyndale House, 1997
A Rift In Time, Livingstone Chronicles 1, Tyndale House, 1997
A Tribute, Privately Printed, 1997
Best Friends For Life (with Judy Phillips), Bethany House, 1997
1998–Raise Up A Standard, Sunrise Books
Universal Reconciliation, Sunrise Books, 1998
[Unpublished–Unspoken Lectures: Theological Letters of Michael Phillips to Readers—1973-1998]
Wild Grows the Heather In Devon, Secrets of Heathersleigh. Hall 1, Bethany House, 1998
The Garden At the Edge of Beyond, Bethany House, 1998
* MacDonald Omnibus: Scottish Collection (The Maiden’s Bequest + The Laird’s Inheritance + Minister’s Restoration), Bethany House, 1998
MacDonald Centenary–Castle Warlock, 1998
1999–Wayward Winds, Secrets of Heathersleigh. Hall 2, Bethany House
Legend of the Celtic Stone, Caledonia 1, Bethany House, 1999
Heathersleigh Homecoming, Secrets of Heathersleigh. Hall 3, Bethany House, 1999
2000–An Ancient Strife, Caledonia 2, Bethany House
Hidden In Time, Livingstone Chronicles 2, Tyndale House, 2000
* Stonewycke Trilogy, Phillips/Pella (Reprint, Vols 1-3), Bethany House, 2000
* Stonewycke Legacy, Phillips/Pella (Reprint, Vols 4-6), Bethany House, 2000
2001–God, A Good Father, Destiny Image
A New Dawn Over Devon, Secrets of Heathersleigh. Hall 4, 2001
MacDonald Centenary–The Seaboard Parish, 2001
MacDonald Centenary–The Vicar’s Daughter, 2001
* MacD Doublet: Malcolm (The Fisherman’s Lady + The Marquis’ Secret), BHP, 2001
* MacD Doublet: Poet & Pauper (Baronet’s Song + Shepherd’s Castle), BHP, 2001
* MacDonald Trilogy: Curate of Glaston (Curate’s Awakening + Lady’s Confession + Baron’s Apprenticeship), Bethany, 2001
[Unpublished–Life At the Center—Perspectives on the Inner Life, Cullen Bay Hotel, 2001]
[Unpublished–Personal Pilgrimage Toward the Center, A Spiritual Autobiography, 2001]
2002–Destiny Junction, Destiny Image
Jesus, An Obedient Son, Destiny Image, 2002
King’s Crossroads, Destiny Image, 2002
Angels Watching Over Me, Shenandoah Sisters 1, Bethany House, 2002
[Unpublished–The Emancipation of Alicia Thornton, with Patrick Phillips, 2002]
2003–Make Me Like Jesus, Waterbrook Press
[Unpublished–A Sacrifice of Obedience: Studies in the Life of Christ, 2003]
A Day To Pick Your Own Cotton, Shenandoah Sisters 2, Bethany House, 2003
2004–The Color of Your Skin Ain’t the Color of Your Heart, Shenandoah Sisters 3,  Bethany House
Together Is All We Need, Shenandoah Sisters 4, Bethany House, 2004
Is Jesus Coming Back As Soon As We Think?, Sunrise, 2004
Leben 2004, Issues 1-4—Topics on Bold Christianity
[Unpublished–Ratchet/Second Chance, a contemporary thriller, 2004]
MacDonald Centenary–Guild Court, 2004
2005–Dream of Freedom, American Dreams 1,  Tyndale House
[Unpublished–The Father and His Children: Christianity Reconsidered, 7 volumes, 2005]
[Unpublished–Seven Day Study Series: Illuminating the High Themes of Scripture, 2005]
[Unpublished–Seven Day Study Series: The Will of God, 2005]
A Perilous Proposal, Carolina Cousins 1, Bethany House, 2005
Leben 2005, Issues 5-8—Topics on the Will of God
MacDonald Sermons Collection 1: Your Life in Christ, Bethany House, 2005
2006–Dream of Life, American Dreams 2, Tyndale House
Leben 2006, Issues 9-12—Topics on Universal Reconciliation
MacDonald Sermons Collection 2: The Truth in Jesus, Bethany House, 2006
The Soldier’s Lady, Carolina Cousins 2, Bethany House, 2006
2007–Never Too Late, Carolina Cousins 3, Bethany House
Miss Katie’s Rosewood, Carolina Cousins 4, Bethany House, 2007
2008–Dream of Love, American Dreams 3, Tyndale House
[Unpublished–The Eyewitness Old Testament: Introductions to the Books of the OT, 1 volume, 2008-10]
[Unpublished–The Eyewitness Gospel, A Fictional Account of the Greatest Story Ever Written]
2011–Angel Harp, A Scottish Doublet 1, FaithWords
Heather Song, A Scottish Doublet 2, FaithWords, 2011
[Unpublished–The Burqua Diaries, a contemporary novel, 2011]
2012–From Across the Ancient Waters, A Wales Doublet 1, Barbour
The Commands, Sunrise Books, 2012
Treasure of the Celtic Triangle, A Wales Doublet 2, Barbour, 2012
* The Green Hills of Snowdonia, The Wales Doublet in 1 volume, Barbour, 2012
Hell and Beyond, Bondfire and Sunrise, 2012
2013–The Sword, the Garden, and the King, Sunrise, 2013
Bold Thinking Christianity, Sunrise, 2013
Practical Essential Christianty, Sunrise, 2013
The Eyewitness Bible, the New Testament Volume 1, Sunrise, 2013
George MacDonald and the Late Great Hell Debate, Sunrise, 2013
The Cappuccino Club, Sunrise, 2013
2014–Murder By Quill, Sunrise, 2014
The Commands of the Apostles, Sunrise, 2014
The Eyewitness Bible, the New Testament Volume 2, Sunrise, 2014
Angel Dreams, with Chris Schneider, Sunrise, 2014
2015–The Eyewitness Bible, the New Testament, Volume 3, Sunrise, 2015
The Eyewitness Bible, the Complete New Testament, Sunrise, 2015
Heaven and Beyond, Sunrise, 2015


New Series Coming Soon from Bethany House…The Secrets of the Shetlands

The Inheritance
The Cottage
The Legacy


 *Omnibus collections and reprints noted with asterisk. Magazines noted in bold type. Unpublished completed books indented and noted in [brackets].