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Bible study and reference

R C Encyclopaedia Britannica World Atlas (Unabridged)  Encyclopaedia Brit. 1957 
R C Historical Atlas of the United States Ntl. Geographic Soc. Ntl. Geographic Soc. 1993 X
R C The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles “Savage, Anne” Guild Publishing 1988 X
R C The Bible Timeline “Robinson, Thomas” Thomas Nelson 1992 X
R C The Gospel of Mark “Nicolls, Rex” Lion Pub. 1990 X
R C The Times Atlas of the World  Times Books 1995 X
R C The Times Atlas of World History “Barraclough, Geoffrey” Times Books 1989 X
R C The Ultimate Horse Book “Edwards, Elwyn Hartley” DK Publishing 1991 X
R C The Volume Library – 1  The Southwestern Co. 1989 X
R C The Volume Library – 2  The Southwestern Co. 1989 X
R C A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs “Bercot, David” Hendrickson 1998 X
R C A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography Wace & Piercy Hendrickson 1999 X
R C Characters Make Your Story “Elwood, Maren” The Writer 1976 
R C Christianity and Western Thought – Vol. 1 “Brown, Collen” InterVarsity Press 1990 X
R C Heresies “Brown, Harold” Hendrickson 1988 X
R C How to Be Brief “Flesch, Rudolph” Harper 1962 
R C “How to Write, Speak and Think More Effectively” “Flesch, Rudolph” Harper 1960 
R C Modern Fiction Techniques “Rockwell, F.” The Writer 1969 
R C Say What You Mean “Flesch, Rudolph” Harper 1972 
R C Techniques of Novel Writing “Burack, A.” The Writer 1973 
R C The Art of Plain Talk “Flesch, Rudolph” Harper 1946 
R C The Art of Readable Writing “Flesch, Rudolph” Harper 1949 
R C The Craft of Novel Writing “Burack, A.” The Writer 1942 
R C The New English Bible – Companion to New Testament “Harvey, A.” Oxford Cambridge 1970 X
R C The Way To Write “Flesch, Rudolph” McGraw 1955 
R C Zonrvan Pictorial Bible Dictionary “Tenney, Merrill” Zondervan 1967 X
Reference P German Dictionaly Calderwood-Schnorr Collins 1978 


Books from Michael Phillips research library

Spec. Bk. Research P A brief Hist. of Time/The Big Bang to Black Holes “Hawkins, Stephen” Bantam 1990 X
Spec. Bk. Research C A Child’s History of California “Flower, Enola” CA. State Dept. of Ed 1949 
Spec. Bk. Research P A Frontier Lady “Royce, Sarah” Bison Book 1977 x
Spec. Bk. Research P A new Look at an Old Earth “Stoner, Don” Schroeder 1992 x
Spec. Bk. Research P A Scientific Approach to Christianity “Faid, robert W.” New Leaf Press 1996 x
Spec. Bk. Research P Ancient Iraq “Roux, Georges” Penguin 1980 X
Spec. Bk. Research P Babylon “Oates, joan” Thames and Hudson 1996 X
Spec. Bk. Research C Biographical Dictionary of World War 2 “Tunney, Christopher” St. Martins Press 1972 
Spec. Bk. Research P Black Power – The Politics of Liberation in America “Carmichael, Stokely” Vintage Books 1967 
Spec. Bk. Research C California’s Story Bolton & Adams Allyn & Bacon 1922 
Spec. Bk. Research P Christianity & the Nature of Science “Moreland, J. P.” Baker 1992 x
Spec. Bk. Research P Creation and Time “Ross, Hugh Dr.” Navpress 1994 X
Spec. Bk. Research P Darwin on Trial “Phonson, Phillip E.” Inter-Varsity Press 1993 x
Spec. Bk. Research P Early Mesopotamia – Society & Economy “Postgate, J. N.” Routledge 1992 X
Spec. Bk. Research C Engineering in the Ancient World “Landels, J. G.” Univ. of CA 1978 X
Spec. Bk. Research P Evolution and Great Debate Blackmore & Page Lion 1989 X
Spec. Bk. Research C Forty-Niners “Hilbert, Archer Butler” Cornwell Press 1931 
Spec. Bk. Research P Fragen an die deutshe Geshichte  German Bundestag 1989 x
Spec. Bk. Research P Genesis & the Big Bang “Schroeder, Gerald L.” Bantam 1992 
Spec. Bk. Research P Hardball “Matthews, Chris” Simon & Schuster 1999 x
Spec. Bk. Research C History of Russia – Volumes 1 & 2 “Rambaud, Alfred” H.A. Bolles 1879 
Spec. Bk. Research C History of Russia – Volumes 2 & 3 “Rambaud, Alfred” H.A. Bolles 1879 
Spec. Bk. Research P Jesus our destiny “Busch, Wilhelm” Brunnen 1987 X
Spec. Bk. Research P Jewish culture & Customs “Herzig, Steve” Friends of Israel Min. 1997 X
Spec. Bk. Research P Jewish Women in Greco-Roman Palesting “Ilan, Tal” Hendrickson 1996 X
Spec. Bk. Research C Life and Letters of A Forty-Niner’s Daughter “Esmeralda, Aurora ” Harr Wagneer 1929 
Spec. Bk. Research C Mammy Pleasant’s Partner “Holdredge, Helen” Van Rees Press 1954 
Spec. Bk. Research C Manners and Customs in the Bible “Matthews, Victor H.” Hendrickson 1995 X
Spec. Bk. Research P Miners “Steber, Rick” Bonanza 1990 
Spec. Bk. Research C Mother Lode Album “Weston, Otheto” Stanford Univ. 1948 x
Spec. Bk. Research P Nazi Culture “Mosse, George L.” Universal Library 1968 
Spec. Bk. Research P Nicholas and Alexandra “Massie, Robert K.” Atheneun 1967 X
Spec. Bk. Research P Per the Great – His Life and His World “Massie, Robert K.” Ballantine Books 1980 X
Spec. Bk. Research C Samuel Brannan & The Golden Fleece “Scott, Reva” The MacMillan Co. 1944 
Spec. Bk. Research P Show Me God “Heeren, Fred” Day Star 2000 x
Spec. Bk. Research P Sketches of Jewish Social Life “Edersheim, Alfed” Hendrickson 1994 X
Spec. Bk. Research C Social World of Ancient Israel-1250-587 BCE Matthews Victor H. Hendrickson 1993 X
Spec. Bk. Research C The Bible Code “Drosnin, Michael” Simon & Schuster 1997 X
Spec. Bk. Research C The Biblical Basis for Modern Science “Morris, Henry M.” Baker 1984 x
Spec. Bk. Research C The California Gold Rush “McNeer, May” Random House 1950 
Spec. Bk. Research P The Early Earth “Whitcomb, John C.” Baker 1992 x
Spec. Bk. Research P The Epic of Gilgamesh “Kovacs, Maureen ” Stanford Univ. 1989 X
Spec. Bk. Research P The Genesis Flood “Whitcomb, John C.” P&R Publishing 1991 x
Spec. Bk. Research P The Hidden Ones “Penn-Lewis, Jessie” Overcomer Lit. Trust unk 
Spec. Bk. Research P The Icon and the Axe – Interpretive Hist. of Russian Culture “Billington, James H.” Vintage Books 1966 X
Spec. Bk. Research C The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times “Grower, Ralph” Moody Press 1987 X
Spec. Bk. Research C The Origin of Species Revisited “Bird, W. R.” Thomas Nelson 1991 x
Spec. Bk. Research P The Russian Religious Mind “Fedotov, G.P.” Harvard Univ. Press 1946 X
Spec. Bk. Research C The Saga of the Comstock Lode “Lyman, George D.” Charles Scribner’s Sons 1934 
Spec. Bk. Research P The Shadow of the Winter Palace – Russia’s Drift to Revol. “Crankshaw, Edward” Viking Press 1976 X
Spec. Bk. Research P The Shorter Catechism “Lawson, Roderick” Knox   Press 1991 
Spec. Bk. Research P The Sign and the Seal “Hancock, Graham” Simon & Schuster 1992 X
Spec. Bk. Research P The Soul of Science/Christian Faith & Natural Philosophy “Pearey Nancy R. /Thaxton, Charles B.” Crossway Books 1994 x
Spec. Bk. Research P The Story of Job “Penn-Lewis, Jessie” Stanley L. Hunt unk 
Spec. Bk. Research P “The Sumerians-Their History, Culture, and Character” “Kramer, Samuel Noah” Univ. of Chicago Press 1971 X
Spec. Bk. Research P The Warfare with Satan and The Way of Victory “Penn-Lewis, Jessie” Stanley L. Hunt 1973 
Spec. Bk. Research P Theologians under Hitler “Kittel, Gerhard” Yale University  1985 
Spec. Bk. Research C Two True California Stories “Webster, J. Vinson” P. J. Thomas 1883 
Spec. Bk. Research C Up the Golden Stair – Deeper Understanding to Sorrow “McFreal, Elizabrth Yates” Dutton 1966 
Spec. Bk. Research P Wandring Lands and Animals “Colbert, Edwin H.” General Publlishing 1985 x
Spec. Bk. Research C We Were There with the California Forty-Niner “Holt, Stephen” Grosset & Dunlap 1956 
Spec. Bk. Research C What do Jews Believe “Ariel, David S.” Schocken Books 1995 X


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