2 – The Marquis’ Secret

Published in 1982 as Introduction to The Marquis’s Secret, the Bethany House edition of George MacDonald’s The Marquis of Lossie


I like a good story.

Though I read many kinds of books for a variety of reasons, nothing quite conpares with the adventure of finding myself caught up in a compelling piece of fiction.

Discovering an author whose stories create such enjoyment is a treasure indeed.

For me, and for increasing thousands, George MacDonald is such a writer. A Scottish author and personality of great renown in Great Britain and the United States a century ago, his fame gradually diminished as his more than fifty volumes, one by one, ultimately went out of print. Happily, however, his popularity is once more on the upswing, and his books are again delighting readers the world over.

Most of you who are now beginning The Marquis Secret (originally published in 1877 as The Marquis of Lossie) will already have read the Fisherman’s Lady, to which it is the sequel. If you haven’t, by all means, do so. For maximum reading enjoyment, they should be read in the proper sequence.

Brew yourself a pot of tea, sink into your favorite overstuffed chair, and drift over the miles to MacDonald’s Scotland and London with his masterful spinner of tales….

 Michael Phillips